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Maxim Fadeev took Instagram page of the trust

Music producer broke the contract with the former singer of the group SEREBRO, but left her account in social networks for a new team

A couple of weeks ago, the famous producer Maxim Fadeev said: "I would like to put an end to this debate and to say that nobody goes anywhere. All remain in the family MALFA, just now every new role". However, the change in the composition of the group SEREBRO was followed by other changes — the former soloist of group Kate Kischuk has stopped cooperation with a producer.

Interestingly, the girl account with over 1 million subscribers, has left "a gift" to the new team. "I want you to support the new girls and not hurt for the fact that I chose them. First, they will show themselves, and then be the judge. This page I give them here is their shared community. And then follow all news about them," said the singer to the former Instagram account. Members took the news negatively — less than a day from profile unsubscribed more than a hundred thousand people.

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Publication of KATE KISHCHUK (@kk_serebroofficial)Feb 25 2019 at 1:01 am PST

In the comments under the post sparked heated debate — some believe the solution to Katya's fair and noble, others say they don't want to see the other girls, except for their pet. The singer left a link to your new account. Promises to spread this news of their everyday life and creative moments.

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