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Victoria Bonya: "she's allergic to beautiful women"

Socialite responded to accusations Sobchak in lies

Recently in one of the posts on your Telegram channel Ksenia Sobchak raised the subject of luxury living which regularly demonstrates in social networks, her colleague on the project "Dom-2" Victoria Bonya. Leading drew attention to the fact that in one video the model cheered his daughter, who claimed that in fact he and my mom don't live in the filmed hotel. However, later it turned out that the media personality and her heir was then about to leave the hotel, but changed his mind and stayed another day.

Recently, in one of the live broadcasts of Instagram, Bonia said that Sobchak let such comments in her address because it is not pleasing your own personal life. "Let's do a, a child, husband. Maybe then you will find happiness. She's allergic to beautiful women," concluded Victoria. It seems that the criticism socialite hurt hurt Xenia. It is known that the former presidential candidate has locked Victoria in social networks.

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