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"After my divorce, I blossomed" - Anastasia Makeeva has revealed the secret of beauty

The actress urged the podeschi work on yourself

Russian star series "Mannequin" and "news", Anastasia Makeeva recently decided to discuss with the online audience changes in their appearance over the last seven years. "It would seem that I had to look younger and better, but no. I look tired, poor quality leather, the pores expanded and offering even the facial features are different," said the media personality.

Publication from Anastasia Makeeva (@makeevan)25 Feb 2019 11:15 PST

"And hundreds of you wrote to me that after the divorce, I blossomed!!!! Remember? It's because I was the last to be addressed is, not only a husband, as I did in the marriage," she said, summing up that many compliments in this case certainly pleasant, but completely useless.

"Beautiful, those who are dieting, sports and actively cares for the skin, to prevent or slow down aging. A huge, daily work!!!!" — said the artist, signed urging her women to look for good professionals in the field of cosmetology and sports.

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