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Cords ridiculed the post ex-wife about the dangers of gluten

And broke plans to lose weight

On the eve of Instagram ex-wife of Sergey Shnurov Matilda published an article about the dangers of gluten (consisting of the group of storage proteins. They are found mainly in the seeds of cereal plants, but most concentrated in bakery products, Approx. ed.). In it, the restaurateur explained to its Internet audience why it is important to avoid contains a substance products.

"A sticky substance that once in the bowel glues the villi of the intestinal cells for a long time, thus preventing contact between the food, drugs contained in their substances and cells, which it must learn" — said Shnurov, summarizing that for most people gluten is not a poison, but the effects of daily use can be very serious.

Publication from Shnurov Sergey (@shnurovs)Feb 27, 2019 at 11:30 PST

After a few hours on the personal page "Instagram" leader "Leningrad" has a new poem on the topic of the day. "The summer will go on a diet, for the trip to the resort. Meantime, take a cutlet,
Two salads, beer, cake, six sausages and cabbage, a cranberry liqueur bottle" — ironically the entertainer, claiming he was ready to exchange the rest on tasty, but unhealthy foods in unlimited quantities.

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