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Olga Lomonosova admitted feelings for Vladimir Mashkov

The actress wanted to withdraw the counterpart from the family

The heroine of the recent release of "Destiny of man" was the star of the series "Not born beautiful" Olga Lomonosova. In the air she told Boris Korchevnikov about her affair with Vladimir Mashkov. They met at rehearsals of her friends from the troupe "the Satyricon". At that time the actor was married and had a daughter.

However, feelings for him were so strong that the young actress was ready to "steal" the chosen one from the family and refused training in Germany when her father has already found an apartment in Europe and gathered all the necessary documents for the trip. In the end an office romance lasted only a week — actor belonged to a young colleague in a fatherly way and avoid intimacy in these relationships, reports

It is known that the University was married twice: her first marriage with producer Evgeny Ryashentseva lasted a year and a half relationship with second husband, actor and film Director Pavel Safonov, was started about 15 years ago — the couple has three children: daughters Barbara and Alexander, and a son named Theodore.

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