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Psychic: "Bonya and Sobchak will never make peace"

Marianne Abravitova shares his opinion on the conflict between two presenters

Lately it does not cease the discussion of the conflict between two secular divas — Victoria Bonneuil and Ksenia Sobchak. Girls can not coexist in the same Internet space, witnessed periodically be users of Instagram.

Recently she touched on the subject of luxury living at its Telegram channel, while remembering his former colleague at the television building Victoria Bonia, which is about the same time posted a video of an expensive hotel.

Bonia said that she just dissatisfied with his life, why allow such comments.

Экстрасенс: «Боня и Собчак уже никогда не помирятся»

Marianne, Abravitova: materials of press-services

Psychic Marianna Abravitova believes that girls will never be in a good relationship.

"Victoria Bonya and Ksenia Sobchak really feuding and this fight for many years. It all started with some nonsense, but insults and claims have accumulated, like a snowball, and reached the limit. I can say that they have never patched things up and are not even friends. There is a mutual envy, mutual reproaches, and hard words at each other and it all comes to their incompatible personality traits and female characters. In other words, we cannot say that they did not share something spiritual or ideological level, it is a conflict, put it simply that "girly", says clairvoyant. — If we understand that they are not shared, then you can say so — they share the glory, greatness. Find out who among them is steeper. Periodically, of course, from the one and from the other, will hear public barbs against each other, but open confrontation between them should not wait. In actual fact, to find out they have nothing, you just have to recognize that even in the best of times these girls are nothing to each other are not linked, they are simply incompatible even as friends".

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