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"Humiliate themselves": Borodin shamed his critics

Telediva disappointed with the behavior of the subscribers

At the end of last month, the TV host said is signed on her page "Instagram" users that came to rest in Sunny Thailand. Over the last couple of weeks in her microblog appeared a lot of family photos on the background of local landscapes is a leading spends a vacation in the company of family: wife Kurban Omarov and children Marusia and Theon.

Publication from Ksenia Borodina (@borodylia)Feb 28 2019 8:18 PST

After reviewing the comments under their posts, the star of "House-2" broke angry appeal, which shamed regularly attacking her "armchair critics". Ksenia said that never seen a man that respects himself and is confident, watered someone with dirt in the Network. "I wonder if this photograph people more, that means food for spiteful reviews should be more direct field is not plowed, straight sit down and seek out under a magnifying glass 24/7 why would there prikopat", signed it fresh photos with friends.

Publication from Ksenia Borodina (@borodylia)28 Feb 2019 10:46 PST

Underneath the celebrity admitted that he believes their efforts are in vain: "it makes no Sense to explain the obvious, I just noticed the trend that as soon as you rest, once you bought something, or you have a new house, or a holiday, there are people who are sitting and anger all drown!!!". Thus, according to Borodin, the notorious haters themselves humiliated.

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