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Ruslan Nigmatullin lost in the casino car

The player said, why not gamble

Legendary Russian goalkeeper Ruslan Nigmatullin admitted that for some time was engaged in rather unusual case: it gives expert assessments on the results of future football matches. And quite successfully.

"In my time in sports I was constantly asked to make a prediction for a particular match, and, in the end, it all culminated in a more permanent occupation. I make my expert assessment, based on the analysis of past events, common meetings, where the teams play and so on. In December last year and in January I had some of the best results," said the athlete Thus he added that he is in my life don't make any bets.

"I declare that never laid a bet: neither when I was playing football, or even now, as an expert bookmaking companies. I believe that if I do, I must always remain with a cool head. I have to have motivation in sport, analytical, but not cash. I prefer if u play in these outdoor games. Well, there are serious reason: that once upon a time, year in ' 95, I lost in the famous Moscow casino a large sum of money. These funds could easily buy a nice foreign car, so since then I have lost the desire to gamble. I've been to Las Vegas and played in any casino, I even 'fool" "play", — said Ruslan. — Anyway, I don't like easy money."

While star goalkeeper is engaged in serious predictions, his eldest son is a climber on the football field. Ruslan Nigmatullin Jr. is already playing for the youth team and also wants to become a famous goalkeeper.

Руслан Нигматуллин проиграл в казино машину

Ruslan Nigmatullin with his wife Helen and children: Ruslan and Марселем

"He has walked in my footsteps, but I didn't insist — he had so wanted. From September he will study at the University at the faculty of business. And the youngest son Marcel graduated from music school, piano class, he's a musician," — said Nigmatullin.

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