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Singer Barbara knows how to eat pancakes, and lose weight

The actress shared a recipe Goodies with readers

Singer Barbara knows the secret of how to lose weight even at the carnival, indulging in pancakes. On the eve of Meatfare week, the artist opened it for his fans — readers It turns out that it's all about the flour she uses for baking not traditional, wheat, and flax.

"I always keep myself in shape. But during the holidays, of course, want something tasty," says the singer. "And I found a recipe for how not to indulge, but not to harm. After these pancakes just do not have to "work out" on the treadmill".

Певица Варвара знает, как есть блины и худеть

The singer shared secret receptome press services

Recipe pancakes:

Oat or rice flour — 1 Cup flax flour is 0.3—0.5 cups, baking powder or slaked vinegar soda — 1 tsp, honey — 1 spoon egg — 1 PC., milk (can be coconut) — 1-1,3 cups. Mix 2 kinds of flour and baking powder, add whipped with sugar and egg, pour in the milk. Beat well until smooth and leave for 5-10 minutes. Better to fry without oil in a nonstick pan. Bon appetit!

Flax is a wonderful plant, noble has incredible qualities! Its seeds contain essential fats and plenty of vitamins and minerals, in addition, their regular use helps get rid of excess weight. It was in honor of him, the barbarian called his new musical, which premiered last fall.

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