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Sergey Bezrukov came up with the best TV for my son

The actor shared interests three-month Stepan

Sergey Bezrukov is clearly happy in marriage with Anna matison, who gave her husband two children. Daughter Mary was born in 2016, but the son of Stepan in the end of last year. He is now only three months. Despite filming a movie and working as artistic Director at the theatre, dad finds time to engage with kids. In his "Instagrame" Sergey posted a photo, as the son watches the fish.

"Two years ago was the same picture. First daughter...", — signed photo of Bezrukov. "Now son watching TV. Wonderful TV. Really?"

Сергей Безруков придумал самый лучший телевизор для сына

Stepan loved to watch рыбками

Fans are happy for your pet, noting that looking at water is very helpful for children's eyes and psyche. And some were surprised that Bezrukov holds such a large aquarium, which demands time for regular care, noting that a talented person is talented in everything.

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