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Ekaterina Volkova fell through the stage

Despite the injury, the star "Voronin" played the premiere performance

Ekaterina Volkova pleases the viewers with the role of "sister" in the TV series "Voronin" for almost 10 years. And if it harms her film career, filmmakers just can't see it in another way, in the theater, she demanded the actress. News from behind the scenes celebrity posted in his Instagram.

However, this time Volkova scared subscribers. Before the premiere of "the City", the actress fell into the room under the stage. Injury from the fall was quite nasty: bruised hip, a broken knee and a skinned side.

"The premiere was not without incident — he fell down and received injuries. Today I realized that for a lot of things, even to go on stage with real tears and switch to work, forget about everything," shared Catherine. "I hope the audience enjoyed it! We tried!".

Екатерина Волкова провалилась под театральную сцену

Injuries were болезненнымиINSTAGRAM.COM/VOLKOVIHOME

In the "Stories" she read more was demonstrated by the results of the fall: the cuts and bruises.

"My evening bonus, saw just now. Lightly: knee and side," added the actress. "Premiere!"

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