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Bozhenov Rynska have much to moderate appetites

Igor Malashenko did not care about the financial welfare of the wife

According to rumors, which itself provoked Bozhena Rynska, Igor Malashenko, had committed suicide over the division of assets with his ex-wife Elena. The ex-wife claimed the greater part of his fortune, so shortly before his death he felt bad. Naturally the public are interested in, and that will get past the wife — Bozhenov. According to her aunt, Nina Kostikova, nothing.

"If she was a greedy man, would see in her "pod" was. And it pod — a mere penny" — quoted Kostikov "MK". — "First of all Bozhenov need to get out of a difficult psychological state, to bury Igor and start a new stage of life."

In addition, Kostikov said that the body Malashenko is still in Spain, the widow will be able to get him on 5-6 March. Our Embassy will provide support to the Public, but, according to lawyers, the essential insurance will cover the cost of shipping the deceased home. The problem is to return to Russia itself Bozhenov, she is in severe depression after the death of her husband, and she needed special transportation to Moscow. Previously, she said the journalist was hospitalized in Spain.

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