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Barnabas caustically said about divorce Buzova and Tarasova

Artist criticized a colleague in the social network

The star of the show Comedy Woman Ekaterina Barnabas dedicated to one of the posts in Instagram the breakup of his colleagues on the channel TNT Olga Buzova with footballer Dmitry Tarasov. In the comments under the joint photograph of the couple comedian said: "it's a pity that these two broke up, but how can you not go on a Bender".

Варнава едко отозвалась о разводе Бузовой и Тарасова

Barnabas caustically said about divorce Buzova and Тарасова

Many fans of the singer immediately reacted to the publication, and only some vnimatelnee nick guessed that Barnabas took part in the challenge youtube channel "chicken Curry": the terms show "Comment Out" celebrity guests had to get cards with tasks, one of which was writing bad against some of his colleagues. It should be noted that the noise which caused the post stayed on the page Catherine just a few hours, and then was deleted, or archived.

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