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Official: Roman Arkhipov married

The actor proposed to his girlfriend after year relationship

Roman Arkhipov and Alice Ogorodnikova, acting under the pseudonym Eliss, officially announced their engagement. Young people have been Dating for about a year, but their feelings had preferred to remain silent.

"Alice we met through mutual friends. I immediately saw not only a beautiful girl but also a very talented singer. So the first time we were just friends and worked. But I realized pretty quickly that Alice is the person with whom I am ready to spend the rest of my life," — says Arkhipov.

Официально: Роман Архипов женится

Roman Arkhipov and Alice Ogorodnikova announced, pomolchat: materials of press-services

Roman thought for a long time, how original to make your favorite offer — and came up with: "in the Winter we were in America. I was looking for an opportunity, took a lot of options: New year, Valentine's Day and even the Backstreet Boys concert, but felt it was all wrong. And then I find out that there will be a hockey match with participation of my friend Alexander Ovechkin team Washington Capitals. The solution came by itself. I've arranged for the guys from the team helped me get the offer on the screen," — said the artist.

"On the huge screen of the hockey stadium, was written my name and the phrase "Will you marry me?". I don't even realized it was me! And then he got down on his knee and pulled a ring out. It was touching, brave, and beautiful. No doubt, only tears of joy..." — does not hold back emotions Alice Ogorodnikova.

The lovebirds haven't picked a wedding date, but there is no doubt that this event will be bright and memorable.

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