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Assistant Petrosyan explained his attitude to cosmetics

The girl had skin problems

Recently, the star of gossip columns and assistant Yevgeny Petrosyan, Tatiana Brukhanova, got in touch with the subscribers of their "Instagram". In his address, she decided to cover the topic of using cosmetics. We know that many condemn the girl for the lack of makeup and style of clothing is called too strict, then in adolescence ridiculous. On such attacks Brukhanova responds quietly, offering critics to unsubscribe.

His indifference to create a daily makeup assistant humorist explains that once she had skin problems. But the happy case has reduced it with good professional beautician, and now her face need not be corrected by appropriate means.

Recall that the name of the alleged mistress Petrosian began appearing in the media since the summer of 2018, when the wife of famous comedian Elena Stepanenko has filed a claim for divorce and division of property.

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