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Galkin sang with a light hand Pugacheva

The singer helped elect to find your own style

In a recent interview with the star of the First channel Maxim Galkin confessed that the Prince's wife at the time helped him not to get lost in a creative way. Success in the field of humor the artist has achieved on their own, but the tune was inspired by a Diva. "Tips on how to sing, how to behave on stage, to dress is she gave," said the showman, reports KP.RU.

In the same interview he said that the time when his beloved will say "the wife Galkina", will never come, but at times to hear this phrase, though it is written in an ironic vein, he was pleased. Maxim is sure that to date is his beloved among the representatives of domestic show-business has not yet appeared.

Also lead said that for all the time relations with Pugacheva they fought a couple of times. On the question of who is in their family home, the comedian said, "She's probably... Here, I began to doubt. With a smart woman because you will not understand! When guests come to us, she always puts me at the head of the table and always emphasizes that I am the master of the house".

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