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Utiasheva boasted a figure in a swimsuit

Gymnast describe your ideal holiday

Recently, the star of Russian TV Laysan utiasheva went to relax at the famous resort "Rosa Khutor". On the eve of the Instagram artist has a photo where she is imprinted in the pool with mountain views. A magnificent figure of a 33-year-old athlete said fusion black swimsuit.

Publication of Laysan utiasheva (@liasanutiasheva)6 Mar 2019 11:57 PST

"I-d-e-a-l-e-n-O. the Moment, stop. Steep slopes, bath, Spa, pool. Breathe in the clean mountain air.... Smile at the sun And the sun is so spring-like smiles at you. It seemed that nature itself congratulates" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., signed it post, asking its followers if they feel the renewal of spring. In the comments, in addition to reasoning about the change of seasons, a lot of compliments to the presenter. Recall that in the fall of 2012, she married a resident of Comedy Club Pavel Volya. In 2013 was born their son, Robert, in the 2015th — daughter, Sophia.

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