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Sergey Shnurov has congratulated the women in the poems

A showman writes about domestic violence against men

The leader of group "Leningrad" Sergey Shnurov on international women's day jokingly advised the men, be sure to congratulate the ladies on the holiday, not to get caught under the hot hand of his wife. In his new poem "On domestic violence" the musician assured that Russian women are heavy-handed.

"The situation still is; /Though people ask, but in a fairytale Russia /Often the women beating the men. /Me I had to call to Colse,/He's punched drunk was the wife, /Because here women live longer, That guy is chop chop./Kolsa not like a gentleman, He skinny, and his woman hundredweight weight./She kicked the shit out of him perfectly, As Paris when Three of Achilles./But rather like Goliath to David./Propaganda lit then the high,/On the whole yard screaming now, for the form-/With the homies no more thumps./And therefore, at least half of the women and the weak, But not weak fist, stern faces./With the holiday congratulate her Fight Women,/not to wallow in the hospitals."

Before the Cord broke poems about purchasing gifts for March 8. Of these his two opuses fans have come to the conclusion that the musician does not like gender holidays. Not that I was offended because this attitude to women.

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