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Irina Alferova found happiness in a third marriage

The actress spoke about the offense on Abdulov

A couple of Alexander Abdulov and Irina Alferova considered one of the most beautiful in the Soviet Union, however, according to the actress, they were not happy, although lived together for 14 years. One of the reasons why the couple broke up, began a career, ambitions — Abdulov never praised his wife, she admitted in the programme "Tonight".

The happiness she found in the third marriage with a colleague on the set of the film "Sheriff Star" Sergei Martynov, with whom he lives together for 30 years. She thinks her husband the best man on earth, and says that only he was able to instill in her the confidence as a performer.

"I suffered, I felt better than I do. And asked Sergei to come to the theatre and watched," recalled the actress. "He went to the dressing room and said, "You're out, and the audience gasped. You're the best, most-most!“ The first time I heard it. Abdulov I did not say that".

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