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Egor Krid dreamed of becoming a father, he admits it was a mistake

The musician revealed their secret desires

Egor Krid on his page in Instagram is very touching and warmly congratulated his mother Marina Bulatkina happy birthday. He thanked his grandmother, the birth mother and, according to him, he is grateful to destiny that it gave birth to this woman. The family of his parents, became his role model.

"I see you and dad always support each other, each time to give each other and still with sparks in the eyes love one another. I want the same," wrote Yegor. — "A few years ago I dreamed of being a young father and I almost made a mistake. Now I understand that everything has its time, but it just goes to my future wife and the mother of my child".

Егор Крид мечтал стать отцом, он признает это ошибкой

A musician with мамой

Fans felt that "a few years ago," creed just met Jane, who was his five years older. According to the singer, he took their relationship more seriously than seen in Ana the mother of his children and wanted to establish a family.

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