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Psychic about Gaga and Cooper: "Their romance grows"

Marianne Abravitova commented on the rumors about the pregnancy of the singer

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga together in the film "a Star is born", and since then the pair is credited with the relationship. Office romance celebrities to indirectly acknowledge a few facts: after the shooting of 32-year-old Gaga broke up with her fiance, 50-year-old agent Christian Carino; the Network has a plurality of rollers on which the singer was captured along with 44-year-old Cooper, is performing his hit out of the picture, the stars are constantly hugging and touching each other; Irina Shayk who gave birth to Bradley's daughter, unsubscribed from your account Gaga. And recently, fans speculated that the singer is pregnant with the actor — the fact that at the recent ceremony of awarding the prize "Oscar" she drank only soft drinks. This information was confirmed by a friend of Gaga's, though anonymously. But a psychic, a psychologist and a tarragon Marianne Abravitova interesting position of the singer is not confirmed.

Экстрасенс о Гаге и Купере: «Их роман набирает обороты»

Marianne, Abravitova: materials of press-services

"Pregnancy, I do not see, but their romance is gaining momentum. Already three weeks the pair are constantly together. This is not just a meeting. I see a sexual component of their relationship. But pregnancy yet. Couple long looked narrowly to each other. All this happened from event to event, and finally, the relationship swept them. No one was going to bring to the attention of the public. The pair hide their passion for each other as best they could, but still the information got out," he said psychic.

Экстрасенс о Гаге и Купере: «Их роман набирает обороты»

Many believe that the senses played the stars turned into realisierte: still from the film "a Star is born"

"Roman they are very passionate. Brazilian TV series — not less. Irina Shayk in the course of these relationships, but she's presented as apparent and frivolous. But no, alas. Couple is enjoying a relationship and a deep novel, and it goes on increasing.

Экстрасенс о Гаге и Купере: «Их роман набирает обороты»

Irina Shayk is happening has not commented, but changed pricescope:

They are not going to leave, and this relationship will last long. I can't see ahead of procreation, but, you know, things can change overnight. Each of us is architect of his fate", — said Abravitova.

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