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Son Zverev announced his serious illness - Stars -

The man is going to sue the father

Catherine Лабухина4 APR 2019 17:3076220

Сын Зверева объявил о своей серьезной болезни - Звезды -


PM one of the last episodes of "live" became the adopted son of the singing stylist Sergei Zverev, 27-year-old Sergei Zverev, Jr. According to some, he now works in hotel of the Moscow region for 30 thousand rubles a month, and almost two years no contact with her famous dad. Live young man for the first time admitted that he had serious health problems, to solve which he does not allow financial situation.

"I started waking up choking. I had asthma, but then she went in another direction. I want to check back in Moscow, private clinics. I'm afraid to fall asleep because I will Wake up," said the heir of a showman. Zverev, Jr. also complained about the fact that today he and his wife Julia have nowhere to live. Now, Scion is planning to sue the artist for the share in the Moscow apartment. His biological mother Victoria Parfenova live from paycheck to paycheck and considers that Zverev-senior needs help s: "If he had stayed in the orphanage, he would have been flat. We ask three to five million."


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