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In the Network appeared the fragment of the last clip of Yulia Nachalova the Stars

The video was published the PR Director singer

Catherine Лабухина5 April 2019 12:0670880

В Сети появился фрагмент последнего клипа Юлии Началовой - Звезды -

Julia Началова

A few hours ago on your personal page "Instagram" the PR Director Yulia Nachalova Anna Isayeva there was an interesting video footage from the shooting the last clip of the actress called "I choose", which premiered last year. The video was filmed in June 2018 and was devoted to hockey at some point pop diva defiantly throws the stick on the floor. It is known that for several years Nachalova met and lived with the famous hockey player Alexander Frolov, who, according to some, now claim to be part of her apartment.

Publication of Anna Isaeva (@isaeva.anya)APR 4, 2019 12:01 PDT

"The main idea of the song — Her choice. She wanted to do what was right. This piece of video dedicated to hockey. Here she throws him a stick. Symbolic. Much. Feminine. She chose a life without him. This clip was a clear implication, we discussed it, it's a new life without resentment and internal vibrations" (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. — said a colleague of the star to the post. She also said that the death certificate of her trust, transferred to the Nikulinskiy court. "The courts are suspended. For half a year. Before joining the right of inheritance... peace and quiet, imaginary world and rest. They came. At least six months", — said Isaeva, promising its Internet audience to publish in the next post something "Sunny and light".


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