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The star of "House−2" threw a tantrum in a Thai hospital Stars

The model shared their indignation in social networks

Catherine Лабухина5 APR 2019 15:5795640

Звезда «Дома−2» закатила истерику в тайской больнице - Звезды -

Anastasia Лисова

Ex-participant reality show "House−2" Anastasiya Lisova told subscribers of his "Instagrama" about "hell" night at a clinic in Koh Samui, in which a young mother was asked to help year-old daughter Miroslava cope with illness — the baby's temperature rose to 39 degrees.

"Who is this person who left positive feedback about this hospital, I don't know, but he clearly lacks understanding of the sterility activity of doctors and nurses night, as they literally slept" (hereinafter the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. — lamented TV showgirl at one of the local hospitals. "I'm not swearing for a very long time! I just screamed and screamed along with Miroslava," admits Lisova. In the following the clinic the service was better, but in total the service cost Anastasia in 32 thousand roubles.

"Still bothered me was that after they took blood the World wanted to dip into a huge bowl of icy cold water to drop the temperature. I, naturally, refused. Then she ran after Mira with a wet towel, although the temperature was already down," the indignant model.


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