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Sobchak responded to "false accusations" Volochkova Stars

Conflict teledev gaining momentum

Catherine Лабухина5 April 2019 16:5859410

Собчак ответила на «лживые обвинения» Волочковой - Звезды -

Ksenia Sobchak and Anastasia Volochkova from the program "Carefully, Sobchak!"

New release of the youtube show "Caution, Sobchak!" provoked a strong reaction not only among users, but also participating in the project — heroine Anastasia Volochkova and the leading Ksenia Sobchak. Checking the air in the recording, the dancer was appalled by the behavior of the ex-presidential candidate. According to the artist, she put a reporter in his house at her request, and in response got an "unprincipled, unscrupulous and nasty abomination". Ballerina confident that she will do anything for publicity and "likes".

Star believes that "envy, anger, dissatisfaction as women, agesto and dishonesty" of the socialite does not eradicate. "Well, my breast abscopal, to make sure it is natural, but when a hidden camera was placed in the bath and a hidden microphone, I was not myself... But when without my knowledge Sobchak came into my bedroom and climbed on the cabinets and the drawers!!" (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the authors saved — approx. — protested Anastasia in his microblog, noting that finding "traces" of her new lover Sobchak failed.

"You have sold your conscience! And for a long time.. And moves your cheap and shameless. That's why you're not loved by the men and unhappy. Fu. I did not expect from you," he turned to his guest, the ex-prima of the Bolshoi theatre. In the next post Volochkova said that he and Sobchak had never been friends, but evil is on the lead she is holding.

After some time in response to the "false accusations" she posted on his page in Instagram working materials release Volochkova, noting that the heroine of this film, like all heroes, her interview, know what is happening — all the circumstances of the shooting agreed in advance.


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