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Mikhail Boyarsky touchingly thanked his wife for child Stars

Main D'artagnan, "I was convinced that Lisa does not work"

Julia Гончарова6 April 2019 12:4134990

Михаил Боярский трогательно поблагодарил жену за детей - Звезды -

Mikhail Boyarsky and Larisa Луппиан

Mikhail Boyarsky is increasingly making published in his microblog that should please his fans. Archival and contemporary footage, Pets and work photographs, stories and emotional stories — visit of Mikhail Gorbachev have something to watch. This time he made the confession, which few expected — he shared his family life, and thanked his wife Larissa Luppian, calling it a "second wing".

"I'm actually very responsible and not too little time spent with loved ones. Know the examples when the children are great artists, because of circumstances unattended, dying in the literal and figurative sense," shared the actor. — "And I have a Lark — my second wing. She refused roles in films, has devoted herself to raising our children."

However, Boyarsky says he was a good father, and all his spare time devoted to children: playing, walking, doing homework. By the way, recalls the actor, his son Sergei study was given easily, and it didn't cause any concern from parents.

"And Lisa, I was convinced the damn thing will not work. Two? Wonderful — if only my daughter was happy and healthy," wrote the artist. — "Changed everything, when she, secretly from me, he entered the theatre and began to study with Dodin".


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