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Psychic of the scandal with his mistress Zhukov: "It is really beating the" Stars

Marianne Abravitova told what really happened with Olga Illarionova

Marianne Абравитова5 APR 2019 17:1237540

Экстрасенс о скандале с любовницей Жукова: «Это действительно избиение» - Звезды -

Olga Illarionova and Roma Jukoffka:

The current darling of the Novel Olga Zhukova Illarionov publicly accused Elena, is still the official wife of her lover, that she allegedly organized the attack on the opponent.

The girl claims that she was beaten by the unknown, and believes that they did it by order Zhukova. Last have something to avenge, for the sake of the new novel, the singer left his wife and their six children.

While Elena thinks Illarionov just fell "after another drinking" or came under the hot hand of the Novel — the woman, the husband sometimes indulged in assault. However, a psychic, a psychologist and a tarragon Marianne Abravitova believes that the cause of the incident is quite different.

Экстрасенс о скандале с любовницей Жукова: «Это действительно избиение» - Звезды -

Marianne, Abravitova: materials of press-services

"With confidence I can say that my wife Roma Zhukov Elena does not in any way involved in the beating of his mistress Olga Illarionova. It's really beating and not fall into a state of intoxication, and it "laid a hand" for different people, so to speak, of her past life, and she had very intense," — said psychic.

Экстрасенс о скандале с любовницей Жукова: «Это действительно избиение» - Звезды -

Elena Roma Zhukov had been married for 14 levoto SERGE SHINE, NIKITA PASHKOV

"Before meeting with the singer Olga talked with different people, and some of them she just crossed the road. Now they are taking revenge on her for what she did. In this is to seek the root of her problems. Moreover, events such as beating, life Illarionova occur not for the first time. She goes through life with constant adventure, and, alas, does not conclude that they do not become for her a cautionary lesson," says Marianna.

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Publication from Olga Illarionova (@olgaillarionova_officiall)22 Feb 2019 at 9:22 PST

"Olga — she is very emotional, quick-tempered, sometimes a surfeit of alcohol, impulsive. All this leads here to such results. And to hang accusations against wife Zhukov foolish and short-sighted on her part. The root of evil must be sought in itself, but if literally, then in his past. Remember who and when Illarionov was the conflict where it did not keep these promises, failed, betrayed — Yes, anything. Roma Zhukov and his wife yet nothing to do with it," — said Abravitova.


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