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Rapper Face being denied the right to serve in the army Stars

Face tattoos hurt him to protect the homeland

Julia Гончарова6 April 2019 11:1220710

Рэперу Face отказали в праве служить в армии - Звезды -

Rapper Faceфото:

A year ago, the rap artist Ivan Dremin, a musician Face told his fans the sad news — in the spring of 2019 is waiting for his draft into the army. And although fans have reacted with doubt to that statement, the actor began preparing for service. Parents have already started and products to the wires to stock, but the doctors from the military cooled the impulse of the young man and found him unfit for military service. All about face painting.

"The tattoo is already a sign of mental disorder" — quoted by "MK," the Chairman of the Commission of the Bashkir military Boris Usatova.

A military doctor said that the Face is and other diseases. However, all recruits, with decorations on the face, the army was not called.


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