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What is waiting for Yegor creed after leaving Black Star - Star -

Remains the singer the nickname or the fans have to learn a new

Julia Гончарова6 APR 2019 15:2265890

Что ждет Егора Крида после ухода из Black Star - Звезды -

Egor Крид

Yesterday at the presentation of the musical award Egor creed first appeared after he left the Black Star. Of course, now his fans interested in the fate of the musician. What he will do? Change the style? And maybe, in General, the profession? Not to tell the news to everyone separately, he made a great speech when he got on stage with the award for "single of the year".

"I would like to talk a little bit about the time! Don't waste your time on quarrel, to war, spend more time with your loved ones. Friends appreciate your time!", — said Yegor. — "In the life of every artist that is on the top for a long time and wants to take a breather, walk away. So, it's not about me. Wait, and soon a lot!".

Details, he did not disclose, but in show business, it was rumored that a young man interested in the producer Iosif Prigozhin. With regard to care of Black Star, Greg in March, ended a contract with the label. In addition, there are financial disagreements between Timothy and Creed — from their concerts, he received only 20%. In turn, the company can take away from a promising musician stage name, perhaps the fans will now have to go to speech Yegor Bulatkina.


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