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Anastasia Volochkova boasted a collection of shoes - Stars -

Ballerina behaves oddly in the frame — she was suspected of drunken

Julia Гончарова6 APR 2019 15:5966991

Анастасия Волочкова похвасталась коллекцией обуви - Звезды -

Anastasia Волочкова

Recently Anastasia doing such strange things, that this is not like HYIP, but the inadequacy. Don't have time to lie down passion after she started Ksenia Sobchak to his home, and that made a real search, like Anastasia, in the opinion of Network users, once again "disgraced". Ballerina decided to show off a collection of shoes, because it goes not only on Pointe. What kind of shoes she has. Even the heels of "the Firebird," given to Kolya Baskov in the Maldives.

But the subscribers's Instagram Volochkova drew attention not so much on her wardrobe, much to her condition. Showing their ownership, Anastasia sways slightly and began to speak. Many believe that the actress is seriously suffering from alcohol dependence and it is time to treat. On the other hand, the dancer lives in your busy schedule, and puts so much physical effort in the training of their performances, it is unlikely she would be able to combine them with alcoholism.

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Publication from Anastasia (@volochkova_art)APR 5 2019 2:07 PDT


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