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Sati Kazanova thinking about pregnant - Star -

The girl was going to the doctors

Julia Гончарова6 APR 2019 18:5340790

Сати Казанова задумалась о беременности - Звезды -


Example Alexandra Savelyeva, who recently gave birth to her firstborn, was contagious — Sati Kazanova decided that she should become a mother. However, this from the performer, waiting for a long time. In 2017 she was married to Italian photographer Stefano Tiozzo, it's time for children to think. By the way, Sati is not just said in an interview that he would like a big family.

"In 35 different approach to planning than 20. I'm talking about, of course," acknowledged Sati. "Just know that there is no healthy people, there nedoobsledovannye. You just have to start to be tested, and if still to combine clinical medicine with alternative...".

The girl asked the podeschi share with her their experiences of pregnancy and childbirth.

"Before, women who gave birth after 30 years, called "staracademie". No idea how they would have called me," joked the artist. — "Although there are a lot of wonderful cases when the first child was born and 45, and 47. So I have another 10 years left. But prepare sledge in the summer, as they say".


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