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Yana Rudkovskaya flashed in a daring mini - Stars

"Feet from the ears" — raptured followers

Julia Гончарова6 APR 2019 19:1287711

Яна Рудковская блеснула в дерзком мини - Звезды -

Yana Рудковская

Yesterday at the ceremony music awards Yana Rudkovskaya came to support his protege Dima Bilan, whose song was featured in one of the categories. Yana usually dresses quite modestly, but this time she decided to make a splash by choosing a daring mini-dress with a plunging neckline. In its 44 years, the producer has demonstrated that it is still too early to bury your figure in shapeless robes.

"A video made especially for those who believe that the feet I not from mom and dad, and special programs for processing. I not such)) I've been like that", signed movie Rudkovskaya in his Instagram.

Subscribers Jan showered with compliments, "her legs from the ears" and was advised to change the style of clothes for younger and not to hide the shape.

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Published Yana Rudkovskaya (@rudkovskayaofficial)5 APR 2019 10:44 PDT


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