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Irina Marko left from Vitali Giganskogo Stars

Their marriage lasted less than two years

Catherine Лабухина8 APR 2019 10:2840840

Ирина Маирко ушла от Виталия Гогунского - Звезды -

Vitaly Gogunsky with Irina МаиркоWWW.INSTAGRAM.COM/MAIRKA_IRA

Today, the Russian media reported the next star divorce. The actor of the sitcom "Univer", the 40-year-old Vitaly Gogunsky, officially ended the relationship with model Irina, Marco. The couple lived together for about two years. February 14 was served a lawsuit before the wife ceased to be husband and wife, reports "StarHit".

A source close to the actor says that the initiator of parting was his wife. It turned out that this couple have disagreed for the reason that the entertainer has not paid his family proper attention. "Acne — a person who is creative, if engaged in any business, everything else for him there. So she had a lot to handle alone, whether it's repairs or other domestic difficulties," — said friends of the artist.

It is known that Gogunsky and Marco met almost 10 years ago. In 2010 they had a daughter named Milan, but in the same year, the young parents broke up. In 2013 Vitaly is married to a woman named Anna, whom he divorced in 2015. At the end of April 2017, the actor returned to Marco, and later the couple married.


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