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Lisa Arzamasova took to the runway Stars

The first day in April, when the capital finally warm he came, celebrities attended the fashion show. visited backstage of the event

Juliana Калашникова8 April 2019 11:4836490

Лиза Арзамасова вышла на подиум - Звезды -

Lisa Arzamasova not only had an impressive outfit, but gave the audience the spring gastroenerology Avramenko

Maybe the first of April — more jokes than a good date for such a troublesome work as a fashion show, but the stars took to the catwalk with the utmost seriousness. The model is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Before to Shine on the catwalk just moments, all participants had to spend hours in the makeup chair. But in the end, all appeared before the audience and journalists in all its glory.

Лиза Арзамасова вышла на подиум - Звезды -

Evelina Bledans with his son Simeon. On the day of the show Simon turned seven legendary Avramenko

For someone the show became a family event. So, Evelina Bledans came to the podium not alone — it was accompanied by beloved son Simon, who had a double celebration. He became not only a model, but celebrated his birthday — exactly on the first of April. On this day he had a big cake, gifts, friends and fun activities in the children's entertainment center.

Лиза Арзамасова вышла на подиум - Звезды -

Anna Snatkina is preparing for devillegender Avramenko

Cheerful pass Lisa Arzamasova the runway perfectly reflected her inner state, as well as April fools mood of people around. After the show Lisa could not remember what play it to this day for a long period was a special treat for friends. "Then I have a sense of humor issue, whether the level of confidence in the close rolls, or the maiden's folly bothered to distinguish between the hard draw from the truth," explained the actress.

1/11Аделина Sotnikova

Лиза Арзамасова вышла на подиум - Звезды -

Gennady Avramenko


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