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Anna Sedokova turned to two year old son - Star -

The singer congratulated the heir, happy birthday

Catherine Лабухина8 APR 2019 14:2827220

Анна Седокова обратилась к двухлетнему сыну - Звезды -

Anna Sedokova with сыном

Today the family of Anna Sedokova is a special day — her youngest child, the son of Hector, was two years old. In honor of this event a stellar parent published on the personal page "Instagram" touching the post, which congratulated the boy with a birthday.

Publication from ANNA SEDOKOVA (@annasedokova)APR 8, 2019 12:39 PDT

"My little man and I don't want to say that the most beloved, because the love to children without comparative characteristics. How can you compare with something your smile, son. <...>I love you, incomparable and always the same invariably hard! What would you have done in my life!" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., ' said the actress to the baby, listing all sorts of mischief who regularly commits her son. It turned out that he sometimes plays with their feet on the piano, pouring all the water out of the vases on the floor, throws my mother's makeup with the bathroom floor paints markers in a rented apartment and even eats dog food.

It is known that the ex-soloist of "via gra" — the mother of many children. In addition to Hector, the identity of the father which the performer conceals from the public, she has two daughters, Monica, living with father and Maxim Cherniavsky and grandmother in the United States, and Alina, who were born in the first marriage of the singer.


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