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Vera Brezhnev faced with childhood fears - the Star

In the clip the singer was surrounded by... wolves!

Juliana Калашникова8 April 2019 16:3016910

Вера Брежнева столкнулась с детскими страхами - Звезды -

Faith Брежнева

At the weekend in a hotel in the centre of Moscow, the audience was brought two artist: Vera Brezhneva and Helen North. The reason for the meeting was the presentation of the new video for the song "Evil does not hold" that the girls sang a duet. Before the show star met with reporters and shared interesting details of the shooting process. It turned out that, in addition to positive emotions, Brezhnev had to experience and stress because as a child it was an emergency, which has made her feel fear.

Вера Брежнева столкнулась с детскими страхами - Звезды -

A frame from the video for the song "Evil does not hold"

"I've worked with wolves had them pulseinterval them to me in his wolf pack took. But it was hard for me as a child bitten by a dog, so I'm a little afraid of dogs, there is some fear. But, thank God, I found the contact with the animals. In General, the frame was all natural: the land in which we were smeared, and the trees. This song, by the way, is like my mom. She said to me: 'Verunya, well, it's an adult". My daughter also respect and love my works, so they couldn't tell me, "Mom, it was somehow wrong." But of course, my daughter-youth-listen to music a priori", — admitted Brezhnev.

Since the movie is called "Evil does not hold", the member of the Duo could not help but ask about how they treat the manifestation of evil.

Вера Брежнева столкнулась с детскими страхами - Звезды -

Vera Brezhneva had to overcome my fear on the set площадке

"I had this situation when during the movie I was asked to get angry. And I had to work with the Director to show real anger that would be visible. That is so unusual for me that I couldn't show this kind of feeling: I don't have in the life of people I can be evil, — admitted Brezhnev. — Of course, I could be upset strangers, acquaintances, and friends. It is clear that there are people who can ugly story, but to be angry with here is useless — you just need to draw conclusions and move on. I'm not mad at anyone. This is important when you're not holding onto any anger or resentment because it is such destructive feelings. I, of course, something can be upsetting, such as the illness of someone close. Recently, I was upset with the fact that was to be held concert at the same time, and he was transferred to another number. Thank God that everything just moved — there were problems with the site".


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