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A clairvoyant has told about the future of motherhood Sati Kazanova - Stars -

Galina Janko commented on the reasoning of the singer about preparing for pregnancy

Galina Янко8 APR 2019 18:5048010

Ясновидящая рассказала о будущем материнстве Сати Казановой - Звезды -

Sati Kazanova, agentto:

Sati Kazanova started to think about motherhood. The singer got married in 2017 — and since the media is periodically attributed to her pregnancy, but the actress recently confessed that while only gathers information on the topic. "How did you prepare for pregnancy?" — she asked a question to his followers.

"In 35 different approach to planning than 20. I'm talking about, of course. Just know that no healthy people, there nedoobsledovannye. You just have to start to be tested, and if still to combine clinical medicine with alternative...<...> When I was born, it was believed that after 30 — this is, by far, "staracademie". No idea how they would have called me. Although there are a lot of wonderful cases when the first child was born and 45, and 47. So I have another 10 years left, but prepare sledge in the summer, as they say" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., explained Casanova. The followers of Sati began to share their experiences, and some advised her to hurry. However, clairvoyant and tarragon Galina Janko believes that all Casanova "will do great".

Ясновидящая рассказала о будущем материнстве Сати Казановой - Звезды -

Galina Anchoveta: materials of press-services

"Incredibly bright personality and Sunny. She was born under the Sun, as they say, so it's recommended to wear gold jewelry, and silver is contraindicated. The energy of gold will give her financial well-being and improve health. I see that Sati has some problems like a woman. In General, children she wants for a long time, but not yet obtained. But do not get upset. The fate of the child she is, not one, but two. For some time she worked hard and worried. But all these efforts need to be put aside, as all the same to her favor and turn the result in her direction. The child she could conceive, and all she'll do great," he said Janko.

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Publication of Sati Kazanova (@satikazanova)APR 6, 2019 at 8:01 am PDT

"Now her life the scales go up. By the way, she needs to be attentive even to the kidneys. But it is not critical. I see that in life she will have 1 surgery, but it is not the key to very afraid for the health. Her fate is long. Now all her thoughts are focused on yourself. She wants to take care of your health, I see that for some time it will disappear from the media, will visit some medical institution abroad. She is now the most important is not a career, and personal life. But this does not mean that she got dumped. After a while she will resume touring. But I note that some great breakthrough, the megahit and a huge number of performances from her that I can see. It will be in quiet mode to balance between family and work. Luck accompanies her throughout. On the financial well-being of its disappearance will not affect" — said the psychic.


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