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Lee was criticized for dancing in vulgar song of the Stars

Lena Miro spoke about the career of the actress

Catherine Лабухина9 April 2019 12:4119320

Хилькевич раскритиковали за танцы под нецензурную песню - Звезды -

Anna Khilkevich with the senior дочкой

The star of the series "Univer. New Dorm" Anna Khilkevich published on the personal page's Instagram video featuring her eldest heiress Ariana. In the frame of several children dancing at home in front of the TV under the fiery track Skibidi popular Russian band Little Big.

Publication from Anna Lee (@annakhilkevich)7 APR 2019 4:58 PDT

"There is a need for such a track new to and 3 year old and 30летним came fun))) try it at home with her husband and children turn on the clip and ugorayu))) and Arianna-I have dance massman, mother went" (hereinafter the spelling and punctuation of the authors saved — approx., signed a post the owner of the profile. It is worth noting that the song occasionally heard profanity, a fact which has angered some subscribers artist.

The roller responded and infamous blogger Lena Miro. According to her, the actress and the already tarnished reputation. Her film career began with the filming of the TV series "Barchive", which she got through the affair with the Director of facilities, says Miro. Then came her finest hour — the series "Univer", during work on which she met her future husband, businessman Arthur Volkov. "What did you expect? The girl with TNT will bring up Marie Curie? Well, you in actual fact! Mother just passes on their skills to daughters. She knows that, and shares with his children," says Helen, noting that the pace Khilkevich can send his successor on the show "Dom−2".


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