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Psychic of the Body and Topuria: "the Union of their families do not get" Stars

Marianne Abravitova predicted the imminent reunion of this couple — but for how long?

Marianne Абравитова9 APR 2019 18:5332200

Экстрасенс о Гуфе и Топурии: «Из их союза семьи не получится» - Звезды -

Gough and Kathy Tourette:

Relations Katie Topuria and Gufa, in the world known as Aleksey Dolmatov, once again attracted the attention of the press and the fans is the last hope for a speedy reconciliation of the couple. The fact that the rapper released a song that is clearly dedicated to his former sweetheart. It Guf frankly admits that he misses the girl and I am sure that I will never meet anyone better than her. Psychic, psychologist and tarragon Marianne Abravitova believes that the hopes of the fans of the couple really will come true soon.

Экстрасенс о Гуфе и Топурии: «Из их союза семьи не получится» - Звезды -

Marianne, Abravitova: materials of press-services

"As far as I see, now look Gufa is the resumption of wave relationships. To forget her he can't, and he began to take action. He devotes not only her songs. Then there are the flowers and surprises, and some actions to impress her. It's just behind the scenes media. As far as I see it, it all turns out. It can be said, came to her attention. Of course, this time things are not so simple. Action on his part need to do a huge number, and surprise have not time. Need to get creative, and actions must be men," said Abravitova.

Экстрасенс о Гуфе и Топурии: «Из их союза семьи не получится» - Звезды -

Katie claims that I broke up with the Body before his Sevzoloto:

"He thought long and hard, comparing it with many of his chosen ones, but came to the conclusion that it is better not. Another series of their relationship waiting in a short time this pair. I just want to say that, despite not passing feelings of both, in serial relationship, their Union family will not work. I see no wedding, no children together. Yes, there will be romance, a new immersion in love, but after all this will have to emerge, sooner or later pair will leave," said the psychic.

Экстрасенс о Гуфе и Топурии: «Из их союза семьи не получится» - Звезды -

Shevtsova argued that she is pregnant by rapper, but the bear is not sobiraetsya:

Recall that for the first time about the relationship Gufa and Katie Topuria spoke in 2017. The first time the pair carefully hid their affair, but then began to periodically publish a joint photo. However, last fall, the media suddenly appeared some comments Yana Shevtsova from Yekaterinburg, which claimed that I had an intimate relationship with the rapper when he was in a relationship with the singer. However, she Topuria later stated that have already broken up with Alex, and the reason for the gap called a mismatch of schedules of life.


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