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Sasha Savelyev showed subscribers the newborn son of Stars

The singer was discharged from the hospital

Catherine Лабухина9 APR 2019 20:32225580

Саша Савельева показала подписчикам новорожденного сына - Звезды -

Sasha Савельева

March 27, Kirill Safonov and Sasha Savelieva became parents. Their first son was born in one of Moscow's perinatal centers. "My dear, my dear! We're home! And all is well! Little yet aware of, and understand, but I feel one thing — happiness is immense!" (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. — appealed a happy mom to their subscribers in Instagram.

Publication from Sasha's (@sasha_savelieva)APR 9, 2019 at 8:21 PDT

In a recent post, under the photo with a newborn son, the singer thanked all the staff of the medical facility where the birth took place. "You know who else was with me all this time? Who held the hand holding and got to commemorate the joyous event a few gray hairs? My husband steadfastly endure all things from the beginning to the end. This heroism thousandth of the level, thank you infinite! Love," wrote the pop diva. In the comments many fans congratulated the star family with a new addition, they were joined by famous colleagues Maria Kozhevnikova actress and Anna Snatkina. According to some, at birth, the baby weighed only two kilograms, so last week Russian media reported about the decision to put him in the intensive care unit.


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