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Singer Athena became a victim of pickpockets Stars

The attackers returned the stolen only for a fee

Anastasia Мишакова10 April 2019 12:127220

Певица Афина стала жертвой карманников - Звезды -

Singer Afinitate: materials of press-services

Trouble spares none, even pop stars and movie. The other day pretty nervous I had the singer Athena she was the victim of pickpockets.

"There were no signs, as they say, I was going to go to St. Petersburg for a tour. I had an early flight at 7am to be on time, time to conduct sound check and rehearsal. I arrived at the station a little earlier than usual, and sat in the waiting room. Before I had a concert, so I didn't sleep, was tired, apparently, for a moment I blacked out, fell asleep. I woke up to find that the woman who sat in front of me, shouted: "Stop! What are you doing?!“. At first I did not understand, and then I saw that it shows in the direction of exit, and to flee the two men. Involuntary motion I reached for the bag (it's always handy) and found that it is not!" — the beginning of Athena.

Певица Афина стала жертвой карманников - Звезды -

Athens stole a bag with money, phone and glucamate: materials of press-services

"The bag had everything: passport, apartment keys, money, tickets, phone — everything! Don't even know what's most important. Perhaps, after all, the phone because it's all contacts (including the organizers of the concert in St. Petersburg), photos, any passwords — in General, a lot of information, without which I can not even imagine how to live a modern man. It is a passport and keys can be recovered (the tickets do not speak), and the money — earn, and the fact that the phone is really priceless. And most importantly, that even friends so easily doesn't call, because, first, it is necessary to recall at least one phone, and secondly, to ask someone to give to make a call. The only number I remember by heart is the room of my daughter, but, again, as I'll call her, and what do I say to her at 7 am? Just scare? Forced to survive? In General, I had to take myself in hands and to include the brain. The dream, of course, vanished. Took this woman's phone and decided to dial yourself, I think, suddenly take up, but you can ask to have returned at least the documents and the phone itself. I was lucky: I got it! Agreed that an hour later my stuff will be in storage here on the station, if I transfer a certain amount to the card. Easy to use, I thought! Now, to return to his own, no need to go anywhere and no one to meet, literally, service of the 10th level! Actually it now I can laugh about it, and at the time was, frankly, not amused, quite the contrary. No tour, of course, it was not. I called my friend, he took it upon himself, for which he thanks as the woman who gave me the phone. What can I say? Be vigilant and careful!" — signed Athena.


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