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Son Suginoi Tabakov and turns to the mother named Stars

Paul family grateful for the opportunity to abandon unnecessary work

Catherine Лабухина10 APR 2019 10:3935671

Сын Зудиной и Табакова обращается к маме по имени - Звезды -

MARINA Soedinenii Cherkasov

In a recent interview with the widow of the artistic Director of the Chekhov Moscow art theater and "Snuff" Marina Zudina commented on his personal life. Artist to this day grieved the loss of her husband and tries increasingly distracted by work and raising children — 13-year-old Mary and the 24-year-old Paul. According to film star son since childhood spoke to her by name — "Marina" or "Marisha," the father called "Oleg" or "Oleg Pavlovich," reports

On the question of why he doesn't call parents "mom" and "dad", the boy replied that when they call each other by name. "In General, there is logic in this" — with a smile said Zudin. Today, Paul is a sought — after artist, mother did not discuss with him his choice of scripts. "She makes comments after the fact, when he sees the final result. And in the process will not go. I have learned how all the "touch" itself," — said Tabakov, noting that family is grateful for the opportunity to abandon unnecessary work.


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