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Wife Yudashkin has encouraged his fans Stars

The woman urges not to believe the rumors

Catherine Лабухина10 April 2019 16:5819830

Жена Юдашкина обнадежила его поклонников - Звезды -

Marina and Valentin Юдашкины

The first year one of the brightest representatives of the Russian fashion Valentin Yudashkin struggling with cancer. During this time the artist has changed, which is extremely alarmed by his fans. However, in recognition of the wife of fashion designer Marina, her choice "feels good and looks good." On the rumors about the deterioration of his condition, the family members of designer prefer not to respond. "We try very hard to make it right and beautiful," said the wife of the designer.

"While there is no regulation of doctors, now all is well. Of course, he takes care of himself, drawn to doctors", — quotes the Marina Yudashkin Today Valentin is embodiment of their ideas, and spends all his free time with his family — wife, daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren.


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