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Clairvoyant: "If romanet will continue scandals, her husband would think about swapping wives" Stars

Saona believes suspicions of a star "Houses−2" baseless

Gennady Авраменко10 APR 2019 19:2010020

Ясновидящая: «Если Романец продолжит скандалы, ее муж задумается о смене жены» - Звезды -

Victoria romanet and Anton Housewhat:

Former participants of the reality "House−2" continue to hold shows and in everyday life. At the disposal of journalists the other day was a video in which a drunk Victoria romanet makes a scene of jealousy to her husband Anton Gusev — blood scandal, as expressed most impressionable members of the press. The footage the girl is torn no clothes around the house, and thickly spouse makes the claim too long, according to romanet, a conversation with his ex-wife Eugenia Feofilaktova (also, incidentally, a former participant of the reality show). Victoria doesn't understand what you can talk with the mother of his child a× 8 minutes. Flavor all event give the bloody stains on the floor, the walls and the romanet — in the heat of jealousy she not only scratched the face of his chosen one, but cut myself with shards of things that killed. Watch this video, fans of the pair talking about what the day is near when Gusev Romanets divorce. That thinks about a psychic and tarragon Saona?

Ясновидящая: «Если Романец продолжит скандалы, ее муж задумается о смене жены» - Звезды -

Sonetto: materials of press-services

"Let's start with the fact that feelings of jealousy are generally not appropriate. All this in the past and no it is not going to get a divorce. All of this — the feeling of a sick imagination, and nothing more. People living in some do not need Aksana and these imaginary scandals can just shake his nerves, in fact, nothing. Some of the basics behind all this and there can not be. Jealousy sometimes plays a bad joke. They will not disperse, and there are no prerequisites for this. The maps show that all feelings for his ex-wife far in the past, and it all no longer needed. All are satisfied as they are," said clairvoyant.

Ясновидящая: «Если Романец продолжит скандалы, ее муж задумается о смене жены» - Звезды -

Romanet jealous to your ex-wife Guseva Evgenia, Feofilaktovich:

"To have scandals out of the blue is not worth it. If you want to attract the attention of the media, not necessarily in this way. Of course, having around a permanent camera and infinite reason, silence can be scary. But this is not the case and the actions to support the interest. Ex-wife is completely happy, lives happily ever after, and the ex-husband is absolutely not happening. Gossip too is necessary to finish. But if romanet will continue to make such scandals, sooner or later her husband will think about swapping wives and start looking for a new more peaceful relations", — said Saona.


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