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Star Comedy Woman Natalia Medvedeva shared archive pregnant photos - Stars -

Fans praised the actress for her frankness

Catherine Лабухина10 April 2019 22:492820

Звезда Comedy Woman Наталия Медведева поделилась архивным беременным фото - Звезды -

Natalia Медведева

March 9, ex-member Comedy Woman and KVN team "Fedor dvinyatin" Natalia Medvedev celebrated his 34th birthday. The next day in Instagram artist published a surprising publication. The photo of the media personality appeared in the later period of pregnancy, which is carefully concealed from the public.

Publication from Actress Natalia Medvedeva (@natalymedvedeva)APR 10, 2019 5:11 PDT

"IT WAS the SUMMER of 2018 this archive! that's so funny. I don't even remember, like 8/9 months I master a "Selfie" at the time, the super-conspirator. Somehow I wanted to just lay out. Nobody jinx" (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., signed post-it, marking it with the hashtag "#Morresi".

In the comments fans praised the star for frankness and addressed her many compliments.

It is known that the comedian is married with a colleague, team captain of KVN "Stepiko" Alexander by Koptelova, who last year gave birth to a son, his name has not been disclosed. The couple grows up and one, the eldest, the heir, three — year Ilya.


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