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In the network appeared the first photos of daughter Pelagia Stars

The singer is sick of her husband, hockey player Ivan Telegin

Catherine Лабухина11 APR 2019 10:433500

В Сети появилось первое фото дочки Пелагеи - Звезды -


Recently in St.-Petersburg there was held a hockey match CSKA which in the seventh game of the Gagarin Cup semi-final beat the Moscow CSKA with the score 3:1, then went to the finals. Now they have to fight with the Omsk team Avangard. In the hall of the athletes were sick or their friends and relatives. So, to support the hockey player Ivan Telegin came his wife Pelagia and the little daughter Polina, born in January 2017.

Publication of My queen/love of all life (@_polechka_pelageya)APR 9, 2019 at 8:08 am PDT

Today discussing recent photos of the singer, which for the first time, you can see the face of its successor. It is worth noting that mother and daughter dressed in the colors of the army club. Immediately after the match, the wives and children of players came together to take a picture.

Publication of My queen/love of all life (@_polechka_pelageya)APR 9, 2019 at 8:18 PDT


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