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Alla reed flew to Istanbul for a hat - Stars -

For the scenic image of the singer had to cross the border

Anastasia Мишакова11 April 2019 11:212330

Алла Рид улетела в Стамбул за шляпкой - Звезды -

Alla Redfoo: materials of press-services

Singer Alla reed said that for the sake of training to the next shots she had... to fly to Turkey for shopping. "My way is work. I can't stand the stage images in real life. In real life I am an ordinary person. The dresses are very simple, don't use makeup out of the house, if you do not plan meetings for work. On the stage, on the contrary, I pay attention to every detail in your image," she said.

Reid has thoroughly thought through clothes and shoes for their next performance, but decided I didn't have enough of an accent. "I thought it must be the hat. But where to take it? It just seems that in stores you can buy anything. Yes, if you spend search of a few days, it is likely that you will find exactly what you are looking for. But for me these days was not. More precisely, it was only two days. Instead of running all over Moscow in search of the hats, I decided to do otherwise: took a plane ticket and flew to Istanbul! Why there? First, I love this city, especially in spring when not cold, but not hot. Secondly, in one of my recent visits I bought in Istanbul a few costumes for performances and in principle, everyone in this town is very good with shopping," explained Alla.

Алла Рид улетела в Стамбул за шляпкой - Звезды -

The singer admits that thinks every detail of her stage, obrazovati:

"I was going for a few minutes and after two hours sitting in the plane! A city of contrasts welcomed me with beautiful weather, I immediately went to the store. And did not regret! I saw just such a hat as I imagined. It's nice when everything goes "like clockwork" and it turns out almost by itself!" — to share the joy singer.


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