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Kerzhakov and Tulpanov congratulated the son with the 2nd year Stars

Model published your sonogram

Catherine Лабухина11 April 2019 11:234840

Кержаков и Тюльпанова поздравили сына с 2-летием - Звезды -

Alexander Kerzhakov and Milan ТюльпановаINSTAGRAM.COM/A.KERZHAKOV11

April 10 son of Alexander Kerzhakov and Milana Tulip was two years old. In honor of this event, parents published on his page in Instagram touching posts. "Now every morning I know that I have someone to get out of bed. And I really, really want you to be happy, loved, healthy and you large the difficulties of life passed it by. And I will always be there and will do anything to make you happy, my son" (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the authors saved — approx., ' said the mother to her baby.

Publishing group from Milan (@milana_tulpanova)APR 10, 2019 12:44 PDT

Кержаков и Тюльпанова поздравили сына с 2-летием - Звезды -

Milan Tulpanov congratulated the son with the day рождения

Among the photos of the boy, the girl placed my ultrasound, which depicted her unborn heir. "2 years old. HURRAY!!!" — simply signed photo from son of the football player. It is known that the group organized child big party with entertainers and animals, video of which was published in their stories. The event took place in one of the elite restaurants of St. Petersburg, located on the deck of the ship. Apparently, the boy's father to the feast were not invited.

Publication of Aleksandr Kerzhakov (@a.kerzhakov11)APR 9, 2019 11:44 PDT


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