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Daughter Galkin and Pugacheva already speaks French Stars

Dad checked the knowledge girls

Catherine Лабухина11 April 2019 11:4713410

Дочь Галкина и Пугачевой уже разговаривает на французском - Звезды -

Max and Lisa Галкины

A few hours ago on your personal page "Instagram" Maxim Galkin came the long-awaited video featuring his little heiress Elizabeth. In the frame a happy dad checks the knowledge of the baby. He asked the girl in French, if she knew how to swim. After receiving an affirmative answer, the Pope continues: "On the water or under the water?'" what Lisa says: "there, there."

Publication of Maxim Galkin (@maxgalkinru)10 APR 2019 10:01 PDT

After that, the heir to the comedian suddenly gives out, he knows how it will "Cup" in English, noting that he learned this "in Russia," what makes dad a serious bout of laughter. In comments to the video, numerous members of the showman praised the star child and his parents for their work and sincerity.


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