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Volochkova urged disgruntled Russians to leave the country Stars

Statement ballerina caused a stir in the Network

Catherine Лабухина11 April 2019 12:0612573

Волочкова призвала недовольных россиян покинуть страну - Звезды -

Anastasia Of Volokovaya Sharlovskoe

Guest new release of the software A-team on radio station "Echo of Moscow" was Anastasia Volochkova. Broadcast presenters noted that 20 million Russians have incomes below the subsistence minimum. For example, a Moscow pensioner receives an average of 11 thousand rubles per month, despite the fact that "people worked their whole life at the factory, worked all my life from morning to night."

In response, the artist stated that they have only themselves to blame — they need to work more, and not "smoke on the bench bull." All unhappy with the current situation citizens star urged to leave the country. "My good, everybody here (in Russia — approx. ed.) "not so." Get up and go to other countries. Live there," said the dancer, noting that the President and government should not be responsible for the income level of the population. "Honey, if you're so smart, why are you so poor and miserable?" — said the ballerina in the end of the program, reports "MK". It is worth noting that the interview has caused quite a stir in the Network.


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